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From Syria With Love

Baraa Ehsaan Kouja, a Syrian student at the University of Exeter, is looking for venues across the UK interested in hosting a new exhibition.

The exhibition, entitled ‘From Syria with Love’, which Baraa has organised, consists of around 25 prints of drawings and paintings made by Syrian refugee children aged 12-18 currently living in Al-Abrar refugee camp in Lebanon. Some of the works reflect the trauma that the young people have experienced, while others are more hopeful and optimistic.

Alongside each picture, as well as the title and the name of the artist, there is a photo of the tent they are currently living in, and a brief statement of that child’s dream.

Some of the pictures have featured in an exhibition in the camp in Lebanon.

See a BBC report about ‘From Syria From Love’

If you are interested in putting on the exhibition you can contact Baraa via Facebook

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