Exeter City of Sanctuary (ExCoS) is part of the national City of Sanctuary grassroots movement which is committed to building a culture of hospitality and welcome for refugees fleeing war and persecution. ExCoS vision is for Exeter to become a genuine City of Sanctuary where all sections of the community are involved in helping to create this culture of warm welcome, safety and support for asylum seekers and refugees.  (click to see more here )

Exeter has a proud tradition of welcoming asylum seekers and refugees.In the early 2000s, Exeter welcomed asylum seekers from Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and other countries. More recently the city has begun to welcome a small number of Syrian families under the Government’s Syrian Vulnerable Persons Resettlement programme. Additionally some unaccompanied young asylum seekers have already been brought to safety in Devon. We wish to celebrate and extend this welcoming response by the city’s people and organisations, building on the care and support already given to refugees and asylum seekers through organisations like Refugee Support Devon.

 Our main areas of activity include awareness raising, campaigning, events and seeking pledges of support for our goal of building in Exeter a culture of welcome,, support and opportunity for those in need of sanctuary.

 All members of the community can play a part. Whether you are a business, a local organisation or an individual we invite you to pledge your support to the vision and aims of ExCoS. Please take a look at our pledge of support here:  Pledge your support and do contact us with any questions you have or if you wish to register your interest or volunteer with us.                                          Latest News 

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