Our Awareness raising group works in schools to raise awareness of the global refugee crisis and the factors driving families and individuals’ need to seek safety. Who are refugees?  Where do they go? Over the last year we have had a strong focus too on developing young people’s understanding of the Syrian refugees coming to live in UK , and in Exeter.

Last year (2017) we held very successful workshops at Alphington and St. Sidwell’s primary schools, and also with 3 yr. 6 classes at Ladysmith Federation. We have shared information, readings, poetry,videos in groups with the children and encouraged them to think about what families being settled here need to help them feel welcome and a sense of belonging. This year we have a very full programme for assemblies and workshops at 10 Exeter schools.

making a personal 'hand of welcome'

making a personal ‘hand of welcome’

The children have also made hands of welcome for our ‘Welcome Tree’ which has been exhibited at St. Sidwells Community Centre in Exeter and at The Civic Centre,Exeter City Council.


Tree of Welcome at Exeter City Council’s offices-Civic Centre, Paris St. Exeter




   How  Schools Can help:

Learn More:  A selection of recommended books for children that include stories about asylum seekers and refugees from around the world:   

1.PDF> A_selection_of_books_about_asylum_se1 

2. Suitable for Key stages One and Two readers (and older)

  • My Name is Parvana (2)by Deborah Ellis
  • Parvana’s Journey (1) by Deborah Ellis
  • Night Flight by Michaela Morgan
  • Mud City (3) by Deborah Ellis
  • Paddington Here and Now by Michael Bond
  • Shadow by Michael Morpurgo
  • The Unforgotten Coat by Frank Cottrell Boyce
  • Under the skin by Catherine McPhail

3. Further info. and Resources available here:    See the City of Sanctuary website for news about the Schools of Sanctuary stream of work nationally and about the Schools of Sanctuary Award. (

Child Refugees Welcome? How schools can help.


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