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What could you, or your organisation pledge to do to support refugees and asylum seekers in Exeter? Here are a few examples:-

“We help direct refugees and asylum seekers to services they can access”

“I can support City of Sanctuary by spreading the word among my networks”

 “We can offer volunteering opportunities to give people work experience”

 “We are a theatre company who could pledge some free tickets for asylum seekers and refugees at our performances”

“We are a transport provider and can donate travel vouchers to help refugees access the help they need.”

 “We are an Education provider and can offer free classes  for a specified period”

 “We have space for storage .

“I have some free time and would like to volunteer to help ExCoS or RSD.”

 “We can offer a room for refugees and asylum seekers to meet.”

“We can advertise our services and activites to refugee communities”   #

The possibilities are endless!  For more ideas on how you could help see our ideas document. (click to download- Pledges of Support- Ideas for Action

Think you can pledge to help?  Sign up to our pledge online. Click here.

 Alternatively you can download a copy of our pledge form here!     Please return by post.

OUR DATA PROTECTION POLICY and PRIVACY NOTICE can be downloaded from our Resources Page