Pledge Your Support-The First Step  

We are seeking statements of support from community groups and organisations across Exeter for our goal of being a place of welcome and safety for people in need of sanctuary. Do you support our vision of making Exeter a welcoming and safe city for asylum seekers and refugees?  If you think you can then please sign our resolution of support below

We are also asking supporting organisations to decide on a practical action they can take to make their activities more inclusive of people seeking sanctuary -thereby helping  refugees and asylum to participate fully in the life of our city as well as find support. There might be many ways that this can be put into practice within your own organisation, and we are available to work with you in considering possibilities for including refugees and asylum-seekers more fully in your activities. All pledges of action, big and small, are very welcome and can help make a real difference to people’s lives. Please share your ideas with us below.

You don’t however need to represent an organisation to be a supporter of Exeter City of Sanctuary. Individuals can also pledge their support below, and become members too. There are many ways individuals can help, including becoming a volunteer with Exeter City of Sanctuary and helping us with our awareness raising and campaigning work, admin, events etc.

Some ideas and examples of how your organisation or individuals could help can be found here:

Need more information before you decide ? Please Contact us if you wish to discuss further.

If you would like to pledge your support to Exeter City of Sanctuary (ExCoS), please fill in the form below online. Alternatively you can download our pledge form here ExCoS Paper Pledge.   Please complete and return to us  by post 

  • Pledge

  • Deciding how to help can be a little bit tricky. If you’d like support figuring out how your skills/business/ideas can contribute to the movement, please include a few more details about your interest and background and we’ll get in touch.
    Tell us if you’re happy for us to share details of your pledge with others or online.
  • Thank you for supporting Exeter City of Sanctuary.

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