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Exeter City of Sanctuary marches in solidarity with refugees at London demo 17.9.16

ExCoS supporters joined with thousands of people at the London ‘Refugees Welcome’ march and rally on Saturday 17th September. The march was organised by ‘Solidarity with Refugees’. Starting at Park Lane protesters carried colourful placards with slogans; ‘No-one is Illegal’, ‘Be Human’, ‘Stop the Drowning’, while chanting ‘Teresa May, you will say, refugees are welcome here’. ExCos marched alongside other City of Sanctuary groups from Bristol, Leicester, Brighton and Hove and beyond making our way to Parliament Square for the rally. The crowds listened to Alf Dubs, Juliet Stevenson, Vanessa Redgrave, Caroline Lucas criticise this and previous governments’ response to the refugee crisis and urged Theresa May to present a humanitarian and welcoming response at the upcoming global summit.

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excos-attends-solidarity-with-refugees-london-march17-9-16excos-marches-in-solidarity-with-refugees-at-london-demo-17-9-16excos-unites-with-other-city-of-sanctuary-groups-for-the-refugees-welcome-demo-in-london-17-9-16one-of-the-marchers-holds-refugees-welcome-banneexcos-supporters-gather-for-refugees-welcome-march the-marchers-make-their-way-towards-parliament-square-for-rally excos

the-rally-at-parliament-square     thousands-of-people-convene-for-rally-at-parliamant-square  mother-and-child-join-the-solidarity-march-in-london-17-9-16

ExCoS supporters with Refugee Council’s


Maurice Wren






Photos: Clare Henry