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A new report by Refugee Action, titled ‘Slipping through the Cracks’ reveals  how Britain’s Asylum system is failing the most vulnerable and forcing many into unbearable poverty and destitution. 

The research from Refugee Action’s is based on their work with 315 people seeking asylum in the UK, highlighting the delays people face in the asylum support system while claiming asylum. Delays in correctly assessing people’s need for support, overturning decisions on appeal and in getting support to people have devastating consequences for people’s lives. The report outlines the changes Refugee Action believes need to happen to make the asylum system fair including allowing asylum seekers to work. RA have started a campaign # ‘Dignity not Destitution which City of Sanctuary supports.

Fill in the form to tell the Home Office and Home Secretary, Amber Rudd MP, that people seeking asylum deserve dignity not destitution:

#DignityNotDestitution – Join the New Campaign