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Sanctuary in Parliament: 12th November ’18

Sanctuary in Parliament

Sanctuary in Parliament 2018:   City of Sanctuary/Asylum Matters.    

Monday 12th November in Attlee Suite, Portcullis House.

“Towards a Fairer System”– 12.00 -16.00.   Cross-party MP and refugee panel 12:30 to 1:30.                                    

City of Sanctuary UK, the national umbrella organisation for City of Sanctuary groups across the UK, is again holding it’s annual Sanctuary in Parliament event on Monday 12th November from 12 to 4pm. There will be  a panel of MPs and speakers and lots of opportunity for  asking questions, discussion, and lobbying MPs. It will focus on working towards a fairer, more compassionate system for people seeking sanctuary in the United Kingdom

This year’s event will focus on three strategic aims which CoS believes to be both achievable and essential to maintain the dignity of people seeking sanctuary. We will be asking MPs to support:   1. The right to work for people who have asylum claims outstanding for more than six months;  2. The extension of refugee family reunion;   3. An end to indefinite immigration detention.

Please see this background paper Sanctuary in Parliament 2018 which describes the rationale and the key messages City of Sanctuary wishes to convey.

Right to Work- Lift the Ban: Refugee Action and Asylum Matters are leading a coalition of NGOs undertaking a campaign asking for the ban on work for people seeking asylum in the UK to be lifted.#lifttheban,   People seeking asylum are given just £5.39 per day to meet their essential living costs. But almost half of all people claiming asylum currently wait over six months for a decision on their claim, with many waiting years. Forcing people to live in poverty for months on end whilst they wait for that decision has a detrimental impact on their physical and mental health. Lifting the current ban for those waiting over 6 months for a decision would significantly reduce the costs of keeping people on asylum support – and people seeking asylum could contribute to the economy and more easily integrate into their communities.

Sign the petition  to ask the Home Secretary to lift the Ban here :

or for more info. about this campaign contact: [email protected]