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URGENT: Private Landlords needed for resettling Syrian refugee families

PRIVATE LANDLORDS NEEDED IN EXETER TO ASSIST WITH REFUGEE RESETTLEMENT ( Information supplied by Devon County Council  and Exeter City Council )   

                                                                        Landlords – How YOU can help??                                                                

Devon County Council is playing its part in meeting the UK government’s pledge to bring 20,000 of the most vulnerable Syrian refugees to new lives in the UK.  A small number of families are coming to Devon County -some have already arrived and been warmly received by local communities.

 Private sector landlords and those with a vacant, family sized property in Exeter who would be interested in leasing their property to Exeter City Council are urgently needed. 

Self contained flats and houses are being sought: 2/3 bedroom, or larger, and in good condition.. If you are a landlord-or know someone who could offer a suitable property, please do make contact at addresses below and help a vulnerable Syrian family find safely and a more hopeful future.

Landlords neededBenefits for landlords:   .
• the Council will manage the property and all dealings with the resettled families.
• the Council will pay rent to the landlord quarterly in advance. The rent will normally be based on the local housing allowance rate for the property. An additional grant is available to cover some other costs.
• if a property is unoccupied when the landlord leases it to the Council, the Council will pay up to 8 weeks’ rent until the family arrives.

For direct enquiries to Exeter City Council contact: Vanessa Macdonald, Housing Team,  Exeter City Council.    Telephone: 01392 265685  Email:  [email protected]

Full Details of Exeter City Council’s Leasing scheme for private landlords can be found here:  (Link is near bottom of Home page. Titled ‘ A life away  from war’)

 Devon County Council has information about Syrian family resettlement and private housing  needed on their website at:

You can download DCC’s postcard info here Syrian resettlement postcard (1)  
 or email :   [email protected]   /